Cancellations, Returns and Repayments with

Our policy for this is outlined below. Beckman Coulter does not accept returns for items fulfilled by third-party sellers. The seller determines the return policy. 


If any products you order are placed on backorder or there is a change to your order prior to its fulfillment, please contact our Client Services team.  If you’ve received the incorrect product in your order, please also contact our Client Services team. In North America, please call 1-800-742-2345. For international orders, call the direct phone line for the closets regional Beckman Coulter Life Sciences location. Visit our location page to find your region’s contact information.

Returned Material Authorization (RMA) Policy

Product Return

  • Customer must obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) prior to returning any product to Beckman Coulter, Inc. (BCI) for replacement or credit.
  • Customer may obtain an RMA by calling BCI customer service at 800-526-3821.
  • Customer is responsible for paying freight and insurance for all product returns, except when a product is returned as a result of an error by BCI, as determined by BCI in its sole discretion.
  • Once an RMA is issued, Customer must return the product to BCI (as specified in the RMA) within 30 days.
  • Upon receipt of the product, BCI will inspect the product and, if the product passes inspection, shall issue a credit or send a replacement for the products.

IMPORTANT:  For international RMAs, please call the direct phone line for the closest regional Beckman Coulter Life Sciences location. Visit our location page to find your region’s contact information.

Product Return Restrictions


  • To receive credit or a replacement product, Customer must return the product in the same condition as delivered, normal wear excepted for instruments.
  • If a product can be restocked, as determined by BCI, Customer must request an RMA within 30 days of the date of the invoice for the product and will incur a 15% processing fee, which will be offset against any credit issued.
Part Returns
All Service Part Sales are final.

Reagents and Other Consumables (Excludes Service Part Consumable sales)

  • BCI will issue an RMA only if the product is under warranty and Customer has handled and stored the product according to its labeling.
  • BCI will not issue an RMA for any dated or expired product, product made from hazardous materials, or product requiring temperature control.
  • Excludes Service Part Consumable sales

Instruments and Accessories

  • For purchased product, BCI will issue an RMA to Customer only if the instrument or accessory is under warranty and only if a BCI field service representative has verified and documented that the instrument or accessory cannot be repaired.
  • BCI will not issue an RMA for instruments and accessories covered by an unexpired lease or reagent rental type agreement.
  • For product obtained under a leased or reagent rental type agreement, BCI will only issue an RMA to Customer after expiration of the lease or rental type agreement and only after Customer has given a 90 day notice that the lease or reagent rental type agreement is not to be renewed.

Option To Destroy Product

  • At BCI’s sole option and instead of issuing an RMA, BCI may require Customer to destroy a product for credit or replacement.
  • BCI will issue a credit upon instructing Customer to destroy the product.
  • BCI may verify that the product was destroyed pursuant to its instructions, and in the event the product was not destroyed as instructed, BCI may invoice the Customer for the price of the product.


If you have an older Beckman Coulter instrument, it can be traded in for a certain value towards your next Beckman Coulter instrument purchase or upgrade. Please consult the promotions section of our site for current details or call your local sales representative. Some promotions even allow for trade-in credit on Beckman Coulter instruments purchased through third-party distributors and dealers, or instruments made by competitors.

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