Experimental Protocols

Depending on your area of research, you might not have to develop a new experimental protocol from square one. 

We’ve developed a library of proven protocols for use with Beckman Coulter instruments.

Take a few minutes to review this list of protocols. It might save you hours of time spent creating your own.

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Genomics-poster-apostle-minimax-scalable-automated-method-cfdna-extraction In this poster we present a novel cfDNA extraction kit and show its compatibility with extractions from 200 µl – 5 mL.
Genomics-poster-total-nucleicacid-dna-rna-cell-and-tissue We are currently developing a product using proprietary bead based technology that selectively binds DNA to the beads to effectively separate DNA and RNA independently. This allows for the extraction of all nucleic acids from one experimental setup
Genomics-protocol-supplemental-genfind-v3-saliva Saliva contains buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells which provide rich genetic data. Due to the easy access and non-invasive character, saliva is an alternative to blood collection. Here we present a high-quality, DNA extraction method from saliva using GenFind V3.
Genomics-protocol-supplemental-rnadvance-tissue-isolation-rna-bacteria This protocol optimizes RNA isolation from a wide range of bacteria using RNAdvance Tissues with lysozyme
Genomics-protocol-dna-rna-extraction-tissue-without-splitting-lysate In this protocol we developed a protocol using Beckman Coulter reagents to isolate both DNA and RNA from the same fresh/frozen sample. The method utilizes size selection to separate DNA and RNA

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