HIAC PODS+ versus Parker ACM-20 Performance comparison

The HIAC PODS+ has new capabilities with the industry’s fastest sample to answer. Fast sample means higher throughput translating into higher efficiency and consequently lower costs. Let’s take a peek at the performance specs, chapter and verse, and let the feature and function differentiation speak for itself.


The new HIAC PODS+ has just rolled out of the factory packed with more muscle, readiness, focus, and versatility than a US Navy Seal fresh out of 2 years of intensive training! The new capability begins with the industry’s fastest sample to answer capability on the market! Fastest sample means higher throughput translating into higher efficiency and consequently lower costs. The viscosity range now spans from 1 - 425cSt! This means, water, glycols, solvents, and even thicker oils are not a problem! But wait…, does this include fuels? A resounding YES! Fuel oils too! Jet fuels, Diesel fuels, Esters, Aldehydes, Ketones, and even Organics! Need to detect moisture? Not a problem. The new enhanced portability includes the benefit of an internal pump vs. the CO2 bottles, double the battery life, and a remote I/O feature to control filter carts, pumps, and other industrial needs where walk away function is a necessity.

  1. Features and Specification - The tale of the tape…
 Features and Specifications HIAC PODS+  PARKER ACM-20
Test Time <1 minute*  2 minutes 
Flow Rate 15, 30, and 50 ml/min.
25-28 ml/min.
Viscosity Range 1-425 centistokes 1-100 centistokes
Automated Cleaning routines “Clean by counts” and “Clean by volume” walk away options N/A
Programmable Test recipes Can store up to 10 custom preprogrammed test recipes N/A
Memory buffer storage capacity 3000 records
300 records
Calibration options ISO11171, ISO-MTD, ACFTD, Glycol, PSL
Industrial reporting standards  ISO 4406, NAS 1638, SAE 4059,
ISO 4406

Table 1. * - 50ml/min. flow rate option 

  1. HIAC – Same great quality with exciting innovations!

Figure 1 New HIAC PODS+HIAC Liquid Particle Counters are widely regarded as the industry’s defacto standard for accuracy and reliability. It is the instrument of choice of Portable Particle Counters for the US Navy with over 1000 units deployed throughout the world! Couple that ruggedness with innovation i.e., moisture sensing, 5 calibration options, integral pump, remote control functionality, automatic flow control, viscosity capability from 1 – 425 cSt., enhanced fluid capability to include water, glycols, and fuels, well then you have a wolf among the sheep!


HIAC is the industry leader in Particle Counting and the HIAC PODS+ clearly illustrates just one more reason why. Building on the HIAC legacy of accuracy and reliability, they have added innovation to the mix which is a rare combination that serves our customer’s technical needs and cost targets.


Bill F. Bars | Beckman Coulter, Inc.,
481 California Ave Grants Pass, OR 97526 USA

Bill F. Bars is a Sr. Applications Scientist for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. He has created and developed many of the liquid systems production processes and procedural tools for the BEC Particle products. These products include but are not limited to the following HIAC branded products: 8011+, PODS, GlyCount, 9703+, ROC, and HRLD Sensors. He has worked for Beckman Coulter Life Sciences for 20 years in a multitude of engineering capacities ranging from Metrology to Service Training and Application Support. He is a member of the NFPA U.S. TAG to ISO/TC 131/SC 6 - Contamination control group.

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