Once considered a niche area of cellular research, exosomes—extracellular vesicles (EVs) packed with proteins and gene-regulating RNA—might represent the next generation of biotherapeutic delivery mechanisms. Consequently, interest in exosomes is rapidly expanding.

These EVs have already shown promise for use in diagnosing, monitoring and even treating a range of conditions, including some forms of cancer, as well as cardiopulmonary and neurodegenerative disorders. Developing exosome-based nanomedicines, however, is not without significant challenges. Chief among these are successfully detecting, isolating, characterizing and purifying the vast array of exosomes produced by various types of human cells.

Still, these tiniest of vesicles (typically 30–200 nm in diameter) could ultimately help us take an enormous leap forward in modern medicine. Learn more:

Products for Biotherapeutic Production

Аналитическая ультрацентрифуга Optima

Optima Analytical Ultracentrifuge

• Characterizes quality
• Consistently verifies purity
• More reliable data analysis
• Real-time data analysis
Высокоскоростная лабораторная центрифуга Avanti JXN 26

Avanti JXN-26 Series High Performance

• Features support GMP Compliance
• Quickly isolate cells
• Rapidly remove debris
• Safeguard your final product

Высокоскоростная центрифуга Avanti JXN-30

Avanti JXN-30 Series High Performance

• Widespread use in biologics production
• Compatible with extensive rotor library
• Personalized user profile
• Control access to centrifuge in a multi-user environment 
Настольная ультрацентрифуга Optima MAX-XP

Optima Max-XP Ultracentrifuge

• Delivers optimum efficiency in a compact, quiet package 
• Fits inside a standard biosafety hood
• Reaches speeds up to 120,000 RPM
• Provides a multi-level approach to BioSafety*

*BioSafety is a term intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products

Ультрацентрифуга Optima XPN

Optima XPN Ultracentrifuge

• Features support GMP Compliance
• Achieve optimal transfection by purifying quality plasmids
• Attain a high percentage of fully-loaded particles
Avanti J-15 Series High Speed Benchtop Centrifuges

Avanti J-15 High Performance

• ULTRA Harmonic Technology optimizes workflow
• Soft pellet deceleration protects samples
• Detects imbalance within 30 seconds

Ultracentrifuge Consumable Tube 342413

Quick-Seal Tubes

• Fast, reliable seal every time
• Use for containment of radioactive or pathogenic samples
• Dome-top style tubes hold more volume
Коробка пробирок, упакованных в пакеты

Certified Free* Tubes

• Prevents sample degradation and contamination 
• Double-bagged to prevent contamination during cleanroom transfer 
• Improve QC data quality

*Based on sample results below detectable limits

Система HarvestLine: штатив, воронка и вкладыши объемом 1 л

HarvestLine System Liners

• Reduce biologics exposure
• Minimize sample contamination risks
• Optimize workflows


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