Centrifugation That Supports 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Avanti JXN 26, Высокоскоростная лабораторная напольная центрифуга

Avanti JXN-26 High-Speed Centrifuge

With a 6 L capacity, maximum speed of 26,000 RPM and RCF of 81,770 x g, the Avanti JXN-26 high-speed centrifuge is a true workhorse in the lab.
Avanti JXN-30, Высокоскоростная лабораторная центрифуга

Avanti JXN-30 High-Speed Centrifuge

The Avanti JXN-30 high-speed centrifuge is an ideal solution for labs with a broad range of applications. With a maximum RCF of 110,500 x g and maximum speed of 30,000 RPM, it even has the capability of fulfilling certain ultracentrifugation needs.
Напольная ультрацентрифуга Optima XPN

Optima XPN Ultracentrifuge

When it comes to ultracentrifugation, the Optima XPN is at the top of its class. Available in 100,000, 90,000 and 80,000 RPM configurations, it’s become a mainstay in shared labs around the world.

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