EMnetik 24, C57784


DNA Cleanup for Genetic Engineering

EMnetik 24 is a microparticle processor designed to work with the EMnetik PCR Cleanup Kit and EMnetik Plasmid Purification Kit in genetic engineering workflows.

Benefits of the EMnetik System:

  • ~2x faster turnaround time compared to column cleanups (16 min vs 30 min)
  • >80% recovery (comparable to column cleanup kits)
  • Significantly fewer touchpoints (< 50 touchpoints compared to 300 for columns)
    • No need to handle small columns or use a single-channel pipette
    • Move samples from a thermocycler to the EMnetik 24 system, and don’t move them again until final elution
  • Intuitive user interface removes guesswork by providing clear, step-by-step instructions

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Application Uses PCR Purification, Plasmid purification, PCR Clean-up, Purification & Clean-up, DNA Purification
Starting Sample Material DNA