Isotype Controls

Isotype controls are conjugated antibodies that lack specificity to the target which can be used as negative controls to estimate the level of staining background and non-specific binding in an experiment. Indeed, conjugated antibodies can react non-specifically with cells in different ways (e.g. binding to the receptor of cells expressing Fc receptors).

Beckman Coulter provides a wide range of isotype control covering most of the isotype species and classes, and fluorochromes commercialized. Isotype controls have the same F:P ratio as conjugated antibodies of their respective product line.

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Product Line Specifications

Формат Жидкий
Специфичность CD2
Форма APC-Alexa Fluor* 700
Клон 39C1.5
Изотип IgG2a, Rat
Кросс-реактивность Макак-крабоед, Гамадрил, Макак-резус, Капуцин, Обыкновенная игрунка, Лошадь, Павиан анубис, Саймири
Целевой вид Человек
Продуктовая линейка IOTest
Указаны характеристики артикула B12111

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