IMMUNOPREP Reagent System


The IMMUNOPREP Reagent System is a rapid, no-wash, standardized, whole blood preparation procedure maximizing sample to sample, and laboratory to laboratory reproducibility. The IMMUNOPREP reagent lysing action reduces cell stress and minimizes cell shrinkage while maintaining cellular integrity and morphology. Separation of leukocyte cell populations of interest from red blood cell ghosts and debris is maximized. Scatter characteristics are optimized for superior cell type resolution.

The IMMUNOPREP Reagent Kit is comprised of 3 ready-to-use reagents:

  • Reagent A lyses the red blood cells.
  • Reagent B buffers the solution and stops the lysing process.
  • Reagent C fixes the cells.


Регуляторный статус IVD, CE
Размер 300 Tests
Формат Жидкий

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