JS-4.2SM Swinging-Bucket Aluminum Rotor and Buckets

Product No:348394

JS-4.2SM Swinging-Bucket Rotor (Windshielded). Windshielded, six-place rotor designed with oval-shaped buckets specifically for blood bank applications which utilize similarly shaped blood bags. Buckets are interchangeable.

$14,392.00 List Price - $14,392.00

Product Specifications

Platform J6
Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket (High Performance)
Maximum RPM 4,200 rpm
Max g-Force 4,900.00
k-Factor 10,910
Nominal Capacity 6 quad or triple blood packs
rMAX 248
rMIN 116
rAV 182 mm
Materials Anodized Aluminum
Package Quantity 1

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